Angela Pompian

Chief Compliance Officer, Investment Advisor

Angela began her career in pharmaceutical marketing, living in Japan for three years, before returning to the US for an MBA at Columbia University. She then pursued a career in global business management, working for Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and later as a consultant for Mallinckrodt in St. Louis. In 2016, when Sunpointe was founded, Angela left consulting and took over Compliance and Operations for Sunpointe. She loves learning the financial technology world, and how an RIA can boost efficiency and productivity by taking advantage of today’s advanced cloud technologies. Angela spends her free time at home with her family of three boys and two dogs. She also enjoys volunteering for the church and the public school district. When not working, Angela enjoys researching new family travel locations, ideally in Asia or South America, and involving backpacks and multiple destinations.

Angela Pompian

Chief Compliance Officer, Investment Advisor
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Preserve your family legacy with informed decision-making, effective planning, and comprehensive family education. We help families solve complex financial situations.


We will help you better understand the leverage you have with your wealth and assets and how to effectively capitalize, preserve, and sustain your success.

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Sunpointe Investments was created to guide families, individuals, and institutions to the sound decisions that establish financial security. With deep expertise in behavioral finance and a disciplined approach to financial management, our team strives to protect and enhance your capital. As a fiduciary we are obligated to put your needs above our own, therefore our ultimate goal is your success.

Published Works

Over the past twenty years, Michael has written five books on behavioral finance and emotional investing to help clients make better investment decisions and reach their goals. His latest work below on the left is designed to help individuals recognize and better manage their behavioral investing biases in any stage of life or market environment.

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