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We Lost a Giant 

Dr. Daniel Kahneman was my inspiration when I started my work in behavioral finance because of the practical nature of what he did.  It just

AI and Behavioral Finance

As investors, we all love reviewing an investment that’s soared in value. We love not just the increasingly higher dollar value, but how smart it

When to extend?

Many investors are currently deciding whether to extend the duration of the fixed income part of their portfolios or wait until it is clear the

2022 – A Behavioral Perspective

As many investors know, diversification across stocks and bonds did not work last year; a traditional 60/40 stock/bond mix was down in the range of

Recency Bias and the Nasdaq 100

Many of you know that I have written extensively on the topic of behavioral finance. In today’s market, I am highlighting recency bias which occurs

Ben Tuscai Joins Sunpointe Investments

It is with great excitement that we announce Ben Tuscai, CFP® has joined Sunpointe Investments as Vice President of Financial Planning and a Private Wealth Advisor.