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Enhancing Efficiency in Family Office Operations: A Success Story

Luke knew his Family Office Head of Operations was getting ready to retire. The private fund subscription documents, trading for over 100 accounts, tax details, and reporting Mary had overseen for years, was about to become his problem. Interviews for her replacement were progressing, but the right candidate had not been found yet. “Is there any way you can help me plan, or even streamline some of the work Mary does?” we were asked.  

At Sunpointe, we keep our clients on the leading edge of cybersecure, digitized operations. We have seen and continue to see a cross-section of leading family offices with various workflows and systems. We conveyed to Luke the operational process improvements many of our Family Offices have made, particularly digitizing their processes.  We helped Luke streamline approvals for wires, trading and fund transfers.  Luke is now able to confidently hire his next person into an environment with documented, digitized workflows that are more efficient and more cybersecure.   Luke’s tone shifted from angst to delight.