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Solving Complex

Financial Situations

A family office approach that brings clarity and confidence

At Sunpointe, we’ve expertly guided families through life’s ups and downs for over 15 years.

We act as stewards not only of your financial wealth, but also of your goals and values, communicating across generations to ensure younger family members are well prepared to inherit, protect, and use what you’ve built in a way that honors your wishes. Your family will benefit from an approach that focuses on untangling the complexities of asset holdings, simplifying ownership structures, and providing clear performance reporting.

Our experience and numerous studies have shown a “behavioral gap” — by trying to time the market, investors end up with a lower rate of return than had they stayed the course. We aim to coach families through ups and downs, bringing better returns and helping to protect legacies.

You can rest assured we’ll always help you piece together the big picture puzzle by mapping family asset holdings in alignment with your goals. By marrying decades of behavioral finance expertise with the ongoing commitment to act in your best interest at all times, we’re dedicated to simplifying the complex and help you look beyond the horizon, navigating the intricacies of your multi-generational wealth management needs.

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Download A Case Study