Latest Economic Review: Sunpointe Illuminations

From Confusion to Clarity: How a Family Playbook Transformed Betsy and Arnold’s Retirement Plans

Betsy and Arnold ran their own spreadsheets, tracking all their income, assets, and expenses, but couldn’t quite figure out when they could retire.  “We’re pretty sure we have to keep working for at least 15 years,” is what they told us on our first call. “Given what you’re showing us on these spreadsheets, we’re pretty confident you don’t” was our response.  “But let us run some scenarios using our Calendar/Cashflow/Balance Sheet Family Playbook analysis.”

There are a lot of financial planning software packages on the market. Many of them do one (if not three) calculations very, very well. But, sometimes, we need to call on human judgment to fully illustrate a point that builds mutual confidence. Betsy and Arnold needed to see a composite presentation – what we call our Family Playbook. Their spreadsheet wasn’t bad, but their Playbook was the determining factor in helping them say, “We can retire sooner than we thought.  This is exactly what we needed, we’re so happy!  Now we know.”