Ryan Heidenreich appointed to head Sunpointe Investments’ Kansas City office

July 2024 Financial Planning Newsletter: Reflecting on the Spirit of Independence

Independence: there’s a LOT in the word. You’ll see it a lot today. But let’s take a moment and think about what it means. 

In America, July kicks off a celebration of our independence as a country from what could have been a very different story over the last 248 years. Independence represents the opportunity to make decisions that are best for the constituents that reside within this country. 

And it’s related to the reasons Sunpointe Investments chose to be independent. 

Freedom of choice: Independent advisors are not tied to any financial institutions or products, which allows us to make unbiased decisions and recommendations on behalf of our clients.

Trust and transparency: This is why we are called “Sunpointe” Investments, to make sure we shine a bright light of transparency on fees and costs. Being independent allows total control over how we disclose costs to clients.

Personalized services: No two people or families have identical needs. Being independent allows us to serve a variety of families in dozens of ways, so we can meet you where you are and not force you into a system. Whether transferring wealth to Gen 3 or buying your first house, we have the tools to navigate these complex decisions.

Flexibility and innovation: Technology and AI are continuously evolving for our clients’ benefit. Being independent means we aren’t married to any providers. Much like on the investment side, as new software hits the market, we can assess whether it would benefit our clients and implement it if so.

Working with an independent advisor aligns with the spirit of July by offering freedom of choice, trust through transparent and personalized service, and flexibility in innovative financial solutions. 

Celebrate the freedom, honor the sacrifice, and cherish the progress.

For those who don’t know, our very own Jack Dwyer (President at Sunpointe Investments) served in the US Army, commanding the 1438th Multi-Role Bridge Company (MRBC) in Iraq. We are forever grateful for his service and helping to keep us free.