Mission & Values

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We base our decisions on research and facts and communicate in a forthright manner.


The name Sunpointe was chosen because our goal is to shine the bright light of transparency on fees and conflicts of interest for the benefit of our clients.

Sound Decisions

Through our work in behavioral finance, we coach our clients through the financial decision-making process.


We tap strategic opportunities, deploy advanced technology solutions, and deliver forward-thinking investment ideas to create holistic wealth plans.


We are thankful for all we have including incredible employees and clients.


To us, it’s personal; excellence in all we do.


We adhere to our strong moral principles.

Published Works

Over the past twenty years, Michael has written five books on behavioral finance and emotional investing to help clients make better investment decisions and reach their goals. His latest work below on the left is designed to help individuals recognize and better manage their behavioral investing biases in any stage of life or market environment.

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