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Navigating Multigenerational Wealth: A Case Study in Family Trusts and Divorce

Bill and Mary were doing great, but challenges sometimes pop up unexpectedly.  “We appreciate all the work you’ve done on our family tree, but we’ve got a broken branch we need to talk about. Our son Tommy’s getting divorced, and we need help figuring out what we need to do.” Multigenerational wealth can add even more complexity and sensitivity to stressful situations like this.

“We know we set up Trusts for his children already, but Tommy and his wife need help figuring out how to work through this process.” We met with both spouses individually, helping find answers to their questions, and to coordinate the many tasks involved with the attorneys. We also provided additional investment education and financial planning meetings to make sure Tommy and his wife (and their children) were getting the support they needed as life plans changed.

While it was a difficult time for the whole family, the peace of mind for the separating spouses helped remove a major source of stress for Bill and Mary and made the transition easier for all three generations.