Latest Economic Review: Sunpointe Illuminations

Navigating the Transition from Business Owner to Retiree

When Mark started his HVAC business in his 30s, he liked the idea of calling the shots and being his own boss. By the time he turned 40, the business had grown – which was great – but a question kept nagging him: “I know I can’t do this forever….but when can I stop… how much money do I need to retire, send my kids to college, make  charitable contributions, and get the lake house?”

Mark reached out to his accountant who suggested he set up time to meet with us. In our first meeting Mark confided, “I’ve got so many questions I don’t even know where to start.” We told him our goal, by the end of the meeting, was to make sure he knew he had several options to consider. He already was successful, so our job was to help him translate his success into a contentment-prioritizing plan.  Mark is well on his way to executing the plan we helped him design.