Risk Management

We specialize in protecting and managing your wealth.

Insurance plays an important role in your wealth management plan, mitigating your risks and protecting your wealth during challenging life moments.

There are risks you will face in life, business, and health. What you may encounter is very personal and unique to your situation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to risk management.

We custom tailor your plan to meet your needs and develop a strategy to manage your risk. We will help uncover the unknowns you may face and put a plan in place to prepare you financially and protect your wealth.

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“How you feel about something is typically stronger and more difficult to change than how you think about something. If you tend to get emotional about your investing, that’s where you really want to make sure you’re not taking too much risk.”

– Michael M. Pompian, Founder

Who We Serve

Our clients are individuals, families and charitable organizations who are looking for professional guidance in growing, protecting and managing their wealth.

Family Offices

Preserve your family legacy with informed decision-making, effective planning, and comprehensive family education. We help families solve complex financial situations.


We will help you better understand the leverage you have with your wealth and assets and how to effectively capitalize, preserve, and sustain your success.

Business Owners

Reduce your risk, capitalize on valuable opportunities, and feel secure with strategic business planning and wealth management.

Published Works

Over the past twenty years, Michael has written five books on behavioral finance and emotional investing to help clients make better investment decisions and reach their goals. His latest work below on the left is designed to help individuals recognize and better manage their behavioral investing biases in any stage of life or market environment.

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