Family Offices

Financial Planning & Wealth Management for Families

We help family offices solve complex financial situations.

If you are managing a family office or a family member involved in overseeing family affairs, you know that to be effective requires maximizing resources, incorporating skilled experts across a variety of disciplines – potentially across multiple generations – all while integrating investments with discussions of succession and family priorities. At Sunpointe, our team has been working with family offices for over 15 years. We manage investments and often serve as the family’s “quarterback” to ensure that all outside advice is integrated and coordinated with the family’s broader goals. When our team pairs with your external providers, you are provided with the tools you need to make informed decisions.

Our Ultimate Goal: Peace of Mind

An intelligent approach to wealth management cannot be successful if we don’t maintain discipline to the agreed-upon strategy over the course of time.

Our experience and numerous studies have shown a “behavioral gap” – by trying to time the market, investors end up with a lower rate of return than had they stayed the course. We coach families through these difficult times and the end result is better returns.

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Our Services

We put you at the center of all we do. We specialize in simplifying complex financial lives, enabling you to feel confident about what comes next for you and your family.

Investment Management

Our intuitive way of designing portfolios allows you to easily understand drivers of risk and return so you can feel confident about your financial life.

Financial Planning

Our planning process, which puts you at the center, incorporates our behavioral finance research and helps you identify and achieve your key financial milestones.

Risk Management

We review your insurance arrangements and make sure you are getting the best coverages for the most efficient prices.

Tax Efficiency

We continuously analyze your portfolio to ensure the taxes are kept low to help compound wealth.


We will help you better understand the leverage you have with your wealth and assets and how to effectively capitalize, preserve, and sustain your success.

Business Owners

Reduce your risk, capitalize on valuable opportunities, and feel secure with strategic business planning and wealth management from our capable team.


Family offices, foundations, and other institutions can benefit from Sunpointe Investments’ financial management services, sound advice, and intelligent planning.

Published Works

Over the past twenty years, Michael has written five books on behavioral finance and emotional investing to help clients make better investment decisions and reach their goals. His latest work below on the left is designed to help individuals recognize and better manage their behavioral investing biases in any stage of life or market environment.

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